Saffron (Crocus sativus) is the most valuable spice in the world and is derived from the only plant whose product is sold per gram.
The word “saffron” comes from the Arabic language and means “yellow”. Saffron, with its exceptional taste, colour and flavour, exudes pure class and exclusivity among all other spices. Some say that saffron has medicinal properties; all we know is that it tastes delicious.

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Arash Behrad

“ I just want to make an honest living and help people along the way, by showing the world what good quality saffron looks, smells and tastes like ”
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Arya saffron scores a solid 259, which means it is of superb quality.

All of our saffron is ISO 3632-1: 2011, reserved for the very best quality saffron. Recently, an international institute for taste and quality assessment of food has appointed Afghanistan as the country that produces the highest quality Saffron from 300 different countries.

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Saffron is being cultivated in different parts in the world. The most popular are Spain, Italy, Iran, Morocco and India. Afghanistan might not be the first country you think of as a producer of saffron. However, this country is known for its high quality saffron. Therefore, it is no surprise that Arya saffron is Afghani saffron.

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Use of Saffron

Home cook or chef

It does not matter whether you are a professional chef or a home cook. All will love our saffron. As soon as you smell and taste it, you will be in awe with the quality of Arya.

To give you a stepping-stone in cooking with saffron, please have a look at our selected recipes from all over the world. Let us take you on adventure and explore.

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