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Arash Behrad

My name is Arash Behrad and I was born in Afghanistan. I moved to The Netherlands at the age of 16, in search for a better life. My vision of the world is not as traditional as they have in my native country. Living in The Netherlands has given me the opportunity to view the world in a modern light and be able to have my own opinion.

I am currently studying International Business at the University of Amsterdam and things are looking bright.
Being brought up in Afghanistan means we ate a lot of dishes that contain saffron. You can find my favourite saffron dishes under Recipes.
Now that I am of age, I miss the real Afghan flavour. After visiting my local supermarket in 2014, I discovered that the saffron quality offered here is not the same as in Afghanistan.

And that is where I come in. It is my quest to provide you with high quality saffron.

” I just want to make an honest living and help people along the way, by showing the world what good quality saffron looks, smells and tastes like ”

Full story

The reason I started this company is not just because I dream of being an entrepreneur. But also, being brought up in Afghanistan, gives me a different perspective. I know how the people, and especially the farmers live there. The conditions are not perfect and they are not certain of an income. With my company I would like to make a difference. Create employment opportunities and make sure they get an honest pay for honest work. With our saffron we help support 500 farmers in the area. The saffron company I work with in Afghanistan is known for creating opportunities, especially for women. We can boost income and create direct and indirect job opportunities for the rural people in Herat, West Afghanistan. To make sure we offer you the highest quality of saffron, I have educated myself in the spice and submersed myself in the Afghani world of saffron. This will benefit the quality of my product.

It is my dream to start a charity one day, so I can even go a step further in helping my native country, but also helping other countries in the world that live in poverty.